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Since working at Startmate, I have often shared my opinion on what I think of different companies in the ANZ ecosystem. There will be some companies on everyone’s radar but many of them are not.

The idea behind this is to create a list for people to look at during their job searches or when they are curious about the ecosystem. This index is in no way a source of truth and is full of personal biases but here are some factors I take into consideration:

  • Team Growth: The rate of employee growth over x period of time using LinkedIn Insights.
  • Marketing metrics: Using Ahrefs, I check marketing metrics such as organic traffic, paid traffic, backlinks, etc.
  • Funding news: When, from whom, and what kind of rounds these companies have raised. I use Crunchbase and Startupozticker on Twitter for this.
  • Industry: The type of industries these companies belong to.
  • Team quality: I spend a lot of time looking through different companies’ teams to understand their org structure and general quality of talent. This factor will always be heavily biased.

The above factors are obviously not the ideal way to measure a company’s health so I will always be tweaking them and finding better ways to judge a company.

If you do have any feedback, feel free to reach out on Twitter.

Thanks to Jarvis, Chirag, Hannah, Steve, and Renee for giving me feedback and helping me build this.